Aggregates, Sands & Fines:
Hi-Grade Materials uses aggregates that are certified as in compliance with ASTM C33 for hard rock aggregates and C330 for light-weight aggregates. Our sand is certified as in compliance with ASTM C33.

Hi-Grade Materials uses cements that are certified as in compliance with ASTM C150.
Vendors: Mitsubishi Cement Type II / V, Cemex  Type II / V, Cal Portland Cement Type II / V and
TXI Cement Company Type I /V

Ad-Mixes & Fly Ash:
Hi-Grade Materials uses a full range of Admixes, as appropriate for the particular mix design, in accordance with appropriate ASTM standards. Our Fly Ash is certified and is in compliance with ASTM C311-93 and ASTM C-618 Class F Pozzolan.

Vendor: Grace Construction Products
Vendor: Headwaters Incorporated
Vendor: Buckeye Fibers

Our Ad-Mixes offer you maximum flexibility in your mix specifications and allow you the type of mix, delivered to your site that will be easy to finish and develop the strengths you require. We offer Fiber Concrete as a specialty

Hi-Grade Materials uses pigments to make decorative concrete colors.
Vendor: Solomon Colors
Vendor: Davis Color