Endura Steel Inc. is a Service organization.  We exist only because manufactures,
Fabricators and contractors choose our services rather than a competitor's.


Our professional team of metal specialist is a phone call away. 
We are here to answer all of you metals questions.  Our motto is
"You have questions, We have answers".

-We can design supply packages and structure them to best suit
  our customers  needs.       
-Negotiate fair values for the products and services we agree to provide.
-Communicate our customer requirements to all Endura Steel Inc. team members.
-Continually monitor our performance through frequent personal contact with our customers.
-Our core values make us the metals center of choice.
-dependability & quality resulting in being the supplier of choice.
-empower employees.
-Asset to the community.
-Winning with honor and integrity in a good fight.

Other Services:

-Stocking and Consignment Program  -  Keep inventory availability high, but hold down your costs.
-Buyout Services  -  If  you need a product we do not have we can source it from around the country.

Processing Capabilities:

We can supply:  Complete fabrication and erection, base plates, saddles, stair pans and treads, formed channels and angles, holes (burned, drilled, punched), columns and beams.

    Sawing:  Automatic Saw for close tolerance production cuts to 16" x 16" block
    Shearing: 10 ft wide thru 1/2" thick.
    Brake:  200 tons
    Plate Roll:  8 Ft (1/4") capacity.

Endura Steel - 760-244-5456